● warmer house in winter ● less prone to overheat in summer ● energy efficient ● lower running costs ● healthier air ● more stylish ● protects brick from frost damage ● reduces mould and rot risks ● responsible ● proven increased house value ● security from increasing energy prices ●

Millions of us are living in cold draughty houses where we are literally throwing energy away. Eco-renovation or refurbishment can improve this dramatically. Optimal Retrofit is an independent consultant, experts in solutions that save 50-70% of the energy and meet Building Control and moisture risk best practice. Even more amazingly these solutions can pay for themselves over time.

We take a ‘systems thinking’ approach, through creating an energy model of your house and we favour insulation, ‘fabric first’ because it lasts much longer than renewables with little or no maintenance. Whole house solutions generally include some form of wall, loft/roof and floor insulation, high performance windows, draughtproofing/airtightness, condensing boilers or other heat sources. It could be phased over 20 years.

Low Energy Building Services

Moisture Survey and Recommendations
Near Stroud and Gloucester I offer an on-site survey to check for any existing moisture issues in the building. Recommendations and advice on the choice of materials based on best practice and research with the AECB in their post retrofit monitoring.

Retrofit Options report
Higher accuracy energy calculations using PHPP giving more reliable answers than SAP based approaches. Indicative costs incl maintenance, MVHR electricity, co-benefits. Also includes:
● Step-by-Step retrofits as in EuroPHit.
● Economics for leased property

Passivhaus Design
Passivhaus Energy Calculations in PHPP using version 9.6. Thermal Bridge calculations. Clients include Simmonds Mills, the AECB and others.

Architectural drawings
Drawing sets in Revit for planning, Building Regs and construction. Recommendations to meet Building Regs. Internal and external views from any angle. Revit is BIM software and is fast becoming a new industry norm.

Post-Retrofit monitoring and Assessment
Sometimes moisture risks cannot be completely eliminated. The effects of modifying an existing building, particularly with Internal Wall Insulation are very complex to predict. Monitoring can check a situation is within reasonable limits and alert the owner if action is needed.


REALcosting Software
AECB REALcosting software and training for professionals, developed for the AECB by us. We’ve found a combination of training videos and a live training session gives the flexibility people need and the ability to review. The live session still gives individual attention.

The Window Tool can be used on PHPP versions 2007, 8.5, 9.6 and others on request. It adds the dimensions of all the sub-windows, the 0’s and 1’s, calculates the complex d reveal for you and adds the name of each subwindow, saving you hours!

Brick is very absorbent and can lead to moisture issues, this is particularly important for internal insulation. We filmed this brick absorbing water over 10 minutes (speeded up 64x), the ink makes the rising water clearer.