If you own your own home and you’re interested in improving it’s comfort and efficiency it’s important that you are aware of any any moisture issues peculiar to your own home and to new insulation materials you are putting in.

Types. Insulation for walls can be internal or external and there is a wide range of insulation types.

Options. It’s also important to be aware of the costs associated with your choices so you can get the best result for your budget and circumstances. Our Retrofit Options report shows energy savings and indicative costs of each option and can answer detailed questions for you. Often, options for your walls are quite limited when everything is taken into account, this is where we can help.

If you do the insulation work yourself. It should be checked, otherwise any moisture or mould issues could invalidate your house insurance.

These services can be offered for any location without a site visit:
● Planning and Construction Drawings using existing drawings or any existing measured survey you have
● Retrofit Options report if you have existing drawings or measurements which can be for step-by step retrofit
If you’re within 20-30 miles of Stroud we can also offer these services:
● Moisture Survey
● Measured Survey of the house
● Post-Retrofit Monitoring if you are thinking of internal insulation
We also do a Retrofit Options report for about half the price if you are willing to gather and enter some data yourself in a simplified spreadsheet. You then send it to me to do the calculations.

You might also be interested in what other people are doing. Tim recorded interviews with some home owners for Transition Stroud (though had no involvement in these projects).

See also the AECB Low Energy Building database selecting Build Type of “Refurbishment”
Superhomes examples