The window tool is now part of PHPPtools. It makes entering windows in PHPP much easier.
It enters the dimensions of each pane in the window, the 1’s and 0’s and it calculates the average d reveal, the cells shown below. It also adds a number or letter to the end of the name for each pane.

It reads your frame information from the components tab, shows it on the screen and uses it in the d reveal calculations. The ‘d reveal’ calculations are written as formulas, so that if you update the window or frame dimensions the results will be updated. It can allow for variations in frame thickness around windows from opening/fixed windows and mullions if you enter these in the components tab.

Minimum Requirements
PC computers only, not Apple Mac
Microsoft Excel 2010 onwards. Macros must be enabled.
Tested on PHPP versions 8.5, 9.3, 9.6