Tim is a freelance Chartered Architectural Technologist, Passivhaus Designer and Retrofit Coordinator with a background in calculations through commercial R&D.

He has been a Passivhaus Designer for 6 years, working on new houses and the new Passivhaus Garway community centre. He uses the latest features of PHPP, is an expert of PHPP and the advanced variants feature and has written the PHribbon tool to make it faster. He spoke at the international Passivhaus conference this year in Munich and worked extensively with the AECB in energy/cost calculations for their Carbonlite Retrofit Course, which were done in a modified version of PHPP. Many students asked if they could have a version of the economics software they could use on their own projects, and after some development he produced ‘REALcosting’ and then ‘PHribbon’ software for the AECB. He is currently a tutor for the AECB for the Economics and Building Physics/Case studies modules.

As a Chartered Architectural Technologist he’s an expert in Revit Architectural software, a 3D drawing package at the forefront of the latest BIM approach to drawing. He combines that with expertise in the Building Regs to ensure buildings not only meet minimum standards, but exceed them in terms of energy performance.

It is important to know that buildings preform properly and as intended. He has worked extensively with the AECB using the Omnisense monitoring system which is unique in being able to measure moisture content inside walls as well as temperature and humidity. He used this to prepare large amounts of data for the Case Studies and Economics modules of the Carbonlite Retrofit course.

Retrofit, Passivhaus and Energy are substantially about data, handling that data and processes. Tim is an expert in Visual Basic from a year of Computer Science at University and a long background in R&D before he became an Architectural Technologist. His PHribbon software has been an impressive demonstration of this, and he also uses this skill on other bespoke projects. For example he’s written an extensive estimating software for a commercial client using 10 dialogues. For the AECB he wrote software to routinely bring in data from a dozen houses with 20-50 sensors in each and calculate mould risk inside constructions.

He’s spoken at almost a dozen conferences and events, talks to local groups and the District Council about Passivhaus and Low Energy buildings and has organised Stroud OpenHomes 2018 See Leaflet , a set of 10 homes for people to visit on 3rd and 10th Nov 2018 in Stroud.

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