Youtube 5 min introduction
New Embodied CO2 part 1 – Basic use (13 min)

  • 200 material entries from EPDs and a further 100 from summaries of EPDs
  • matches materials automatically, though user needs to confirm each
  • includes transport, using RICS methodology
  • automatically also calculates the stored carbon figure for timber based products
  • graphs the result with an error bar, max min limits

This button calculates the CO2 for the manufacture the materials in a new building or retrofit. The new version was presented at the Passivhaus Trust Masterclass.

We do the calculation for you or you might want to buy the tool and do the calculation yourself.

Results for Steep Wedge house were recently published in Passivhaus+ magazine (issue 31 p49).

We also got the same result (within the error margins) as Mark Siddall ‘s own 2-3 day calculation. The Embodied tool was in development when Mark did his calculation and he was interested in a to see what it would produce, before revealing his own results. When it gave the same answer in about half an hour he said “I’ll definitely be using it next time”.

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