Minimum Requirements
PHribbon is suitable for PC’s only, using Microsoft Office 2010 or later with PHPP v9.6. The Passivhaus institute provides a free upgrade from versions 9.1 to 9.3 to version 9.6, please contact their main enquiries number +49 615 182 6990 or email phpp @ (no spaces).

Options and Prices
You will need a licence key for each computer. A 50% discount applies to 2nd and 3rd copies onwards. To buy a licence key please open the FindSerialNum spreadsheet and press the button. This just looks for a unique code on your computer. Please email with the 4 digit number it gives and the options you would like:

  • £45 Base module
    Required for all options, includes buttons 1-5, 7, 12, 13


  • £30 Costing module
    Indicative costs for retrofits, buttons 9-11 incl Variants and Step by Step
  • £75 Daylight Factor module
    Separate Spreadsheet written by Mark Siddall of LEAP and automatic data transfer from PHPP
  • New Revised Embodied CO2 module Price TBC
    Calculates retrofit or construction CO2 using areas from your PHPP
  • International Version
    Same options and prices as above. Omits the UK climate tool and if the costing module is chosen the user would need to replace costs with those for their own area in their own currency


  • £30 Upgrade from REALcosting
    Discounted upgrade giving you the Base module and Costing module, or if you no longer use costing the PHribbon base module is FREE.

Software will be emailed to you. Once you have the software you will need to enable macros, macros are already part of PHPP v9.6 variants version written by the Passivhaus Institute. You can enable them each time you open a spreadsheet that uses them. Enter the licence key in the install tab, cell C13, this key is unique to that computer. If you need to update in the future, that’s OK, a new code can be sent.

Training Videos
Build PHPP (10 mins)
Build PHPP with variants (advanced)

Daylight Factor
Mark Siddall’s training for his daylight factor spreadsheet

Embodied CO2
Embodied CO2 with variants (advanced)

Retrofit Costs (24 mins)
Retrofit Costs with variants (advanced)

Licence Agreement Terms and Conditions
By using this software you agree to these terms:

  • Users may not redistribute the PHribbon spreadsheet, or repackage it free of charge or otherwise.
  • The software has been rigorously tested and great care has been taken to ensure there are no errors, however not every situation in which PHPP can be used can be foreseen, therefore checks for costs are still recommended. Any mistakes found will be corrected free of charge and all users updated. The user is responsible for checking the figures, especially in circumstances where they are critical. In extreme circumstances the maximum compensation will be a refund of the price paid for the software. By using this software you agree that no legal claim can be made against the AECB nor Tim Martel.
  • Costs provided are indicative only and are the best information available to the author. By their very nature they are variable according to location, supplier and quantity. They serve only as a starting point and can be updated at any time either for one project (i.e. changing the figure in the costs tab in the PHPP) or by changing the master table for all future projects in the PHribbon spreadsheet.
  • The price of the software includes a short software manual. For the quickest way to learn we highly recommend training, though this is an extra cost. Minor updates may be available from time to time free of charge. Revisions of the thermal bridge library and various other libraries will be made available if funds from sales allow.